Location: Vitacura. Santiago, Chile.

Selección XIV Bienal de Arquitectura de Chile 2004.

The building responds to the request of a Shopping Center where the products related with; bathrooms, kitchens, faucets and stones will be exhibited and commercialized.
This building also should receive the offices of the executives of the company.
The position of the building is basically because of how the sun and the light runs over, which penetrate inside it.
This box opens to the south as a grate clear glass cabinet to Vitacura Avenue, setting in position the tiles over the front of the building with the purpose to unify the different floors that strains the light over the walls and ceilings.
The entrance is produced by a bridge, in a way to introduce the light towards the underground through two light yards.
The building is completely white on the outside as well as the interior. The white acts as a firm base and secure to make the light rebound, to trap it, to reflect it; this way allows the exhibition of appliance, ceramics and faucets. To increase the opening space sensations the inner walls and the rails that lay out between floors are made of clear crystal glass embed in the concrete.
In the center of the building stands a helicoidally stair made of stones and crystal glass that unifies the three public floors, that takes the main role as a modelled piece of art in the composition producing a balance as a CALDER way.
The gravitational subject is resolved with round pillars that cross the building as bones where the gravity travels in an unavoidable way to meet the ground. Its earthquake resistance is basically formed by walls and pillars made of concrete and some rigid marks interceding by post tensed tiles that constitute rigid diaphragm

Client: Anna Doe